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7 People We Feel Terrible For This Election Season

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As Malta gears up for a snap election in just over one month’s time, many people worried how they would be affected by the chosen date. But there are some people who really do have it worse than others.

1. People getting married this month

We hope you don’t mind every conversation at your wedding being politically charged. And if your families come from different parties, good luck with that Westside Story life.


2. Tourists who planned to visit the island during May

Were you planning a relaxing springtime holiday on a sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean? Well have we got a surprise for you – how does ‘thousands of people crowding iconic locations’ sound?

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3. Football fans

So it turns out the election is the same night as the Champion’s League final, which means footie fans are in for a night of double the stress, and probably half the fun.


4. Students

Sure, they can take the time to go and vote mid-exams… but what about those who enjoy being active pre-election? How are they supposed to follow policy proposals when drowning in their books?

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5. Expats 

We’ve already highlighted the plight of the Maltese voters living abroad, but with the sudden announcement of a snap election, many are having problem booking leave, let alone flying home to vote.

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6. EU Presidency planners

Imagine working for ages planning policy and discussion panels for some of the most important months of your country’s membership in the EU, only to have the culmination of the occasion taken over by a snap election. Also imagine the insane overhaul you’re stuck dealing with if there is a change in government in the final month.

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7. Claudia Faniello

Honestly, she’s probably the worst off in all this. Nine attempts later she’s finally made it to the big stage… and the whole country is freaking out about everything but the Eurovision. This was her time to shine and politics has taken a massive shit on it.

Hopefully most people will see it as a much-needed break from the red vs blue and use the opportunity to unite behind a common factor: a talented star doing her whole country proud.

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