Stories We Need To Discuss Now That We're Done With Pastizzi

Seriously, enough is enough

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Ok, so we've had a good laugh about Ann Fenech and her terribly misguided criticism about Malta's national treasure, the pastizz. But now that she's swallowed her pride and (perhaps again misguidedly) visited Serkin to apologise, we must move on and find something new with which to pollute our Facebook newsfeeds. 

Here's a handy list of other hot political topics you could use to get inspired for your next Facebook rant.  

1. Our lack of proper infrastructure to prevent nationwide powercuts 

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2. The sky-rocketing cost of rent and how we need to tackle it asap

3. The way Romanian people stood up against corruption and are winning the fight

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4. The right for 16-year-olds to vote: We're one year way from an election and we still don't know where this is going

5. The fact that Sai Mizzi is still being paid from our taxes to do sweet FA


6. The elections in France and their implications on Malta

7. Chris Cardona and the fact that we're still none the wiser about whether the Economy Minister lied to us about visiting a brothel

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8. Brexit and how Malta is leading the charge

9. The consequences of Trump

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10. Paceville, and the fact that its masterplan revision seems to have been overridden by the approval of a big new development

11. Oh yeah, and there's always Panama

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Can you think of any other stories that Malta should be discussing? Let us know in the comments below. 

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