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There’s A Lesson For Maltese Politics In Game Of Thrones

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The state of Maltese politics today is a lot like the overarching plot-line of Game of Thrones. Like the setup of any good fantasy novel, opposing forces are in conflict for dominion of the realm, and a fellowship of heroes is needed to bring back stability.

In this case, the opposing forces are Labour and PN, and the fellowship of heroes is the as-yet unfounded new political party who will necessarily have to come in and sweep up PN’s mess and restore our two-party democracy. A Daenerys Targaryen or Jon Snow, perhaps.

The PN, like the Night King’s Army of the Dead, is a shambolic orgy of mediocrity, shuffling behind a leader with no clear purpose into an endless night. Labour, on the other hand, are a lot like Queen Cersei and the Lannisters – a consolidated powerhouse of political strength and acumen, galvanised behind a cunning and visionary leader with questionable motives.

Lovin Malta Adrian Delia Night King

The night is dark and full of billboards

Before any new contender to the throne can even begin to think of taking on Cerseph Muscat, they first need to deal with PN

Until the PN is broken apart and its politically enslaved voters are freed to find a new party that will actually unite them, no new parties will ever be able to grow beyond the sort of politically foetal stage that Alternattiva Demokratika has existed in for decades.

Tiny, derivative parties like AD and PD, are a lot like Stannis and Renley Baratheon – the lesser siblings of a king that once ruled from a position of strength, and who are woefully underprepared to lead. They stand no chance, and are basically filler-content whose main purpose is to pad out the story until the real heroes show up.

The party that ultimately replaces PN will need to destroy it in the process, and it will happen in one giant battle that takes place over a number of months or a few years, not a slow war of attrition that takes place over decades. As we’ve already seen with AD and PD, if success isn’t found early on, then it’s just not coming. If there is to be a new force in local politics, its growth will need to happen all at once, or not at all. After all, if there was a truly viable alternative to PN, why would the PN’s voter base switch over gradually? People fleeing a sinking ship don’t need time to think about it, they just need something to swim towards.

Screenshot 2019 05 03 At 10 32 34

“Did somebody say elections?”

Under these fractured conditions, Labour has little fear of its enemies and can continue to do whatever it likes, safe in the knowledge that it faces no real threat

This is a dangerous situation, and the man on the street doesn’t necessarily like it. People want a healthy source of political opposition – but as voters have reiterated over two general elections, just definitely not from PN. In fact, it’s a pity Adrian Delia doesn’t share the Night King’s ability to resurrect the dead, because he’s increasingly unlikely to find new support among the living who have actually seen his party in action lately.

So we’re left on a cliffhanger.

Who will be the heroes to rise from obscurity and do battle with the PN, before moving on to the ultimate showdown with Cerseph Muscat?

The scene is set. It’s time for a saviour to step forward.

What do you make of this? Let us know in the comments below

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