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As Malta Enters Another Week Of Political Turmoil, Here Are Some Things To Keep In Mind

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Unless you have a super-human ability to compartmentalise your life and ignore everything around you, there’s no way you’ve been able to avoid what’s going on in Malta at the moment. People are angry and scared, and following the Prime Minister’s address last night, they’re bound to get angrier.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and find yourself inundated with information in these situations. Emotions are running high and judgments can feel cloudy, but here are a handful of things to keep in mind as tensions keep running high.


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1. If someone isn’t posting their thoughts online, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care

Thanks to the internet, we’ve all been given a platform to voice our opinions, thoughts and concerns. And at a time when everyone is doing so, it can be easy to feel like silence equals apathy. But that is not necessarily the case; the internet is not the be all and end all.

Getting your thoughts together in a cohesive manner isn’t always easy, but just because someone isn’t sharing those thoughts with the world, doesn’t mean they’re not thinking them.

2. On the flip side, your presence at a protest makes a big difference

“I’m only one person, I don’t need to be there”. OK. Now multiply that “one person” by 10, 50, 100. That makes a massive difference. And if the idea of protesting scares you, know that you don’t need to be at the front joining in the chants and blocking the roads.

Just your presence on the outskirts of the crowd adds to the number and shows that you aren’t willing to be complacent.


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3. Sometimes people need to be dramatic

We’re all feeling emotional at the moment, and sometimes that can come out as a bit dramatic. But sometimes that’s just what we need. You might not deem this situation something to cry over, but someone else might not know what to do with the things they’re feeling. You might not understand the decision to block a roundabout, but someone else might see that as the best way to get their message across.

Everyone deals with things differently.


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4. Creative signs are, and also aren’t, asking for attention

If a catchy slogan or relatable quote is how somebody feels they want to express their frustration; that’s cool. If they’re hoping to go viral; that’s cool. If they copied the idea from the internet; that’s cool.



5. Art is a great way to destress

If you’re feeling a lot, try expressing yourself to art. Writing, music, dancing, painting… just let it out. Nobody has to see it, but sometimes getting your thoughts out in a concrete form can really help.

And if you want to share your art with the world, that’s pretty great too.

6. It’s important to still celebrate the festive season

It’s hard to find that Christmas spirit when everything around you feels so tainted. But we cannot let the current climate steal every ounce of joy from our lives. We can protest and then go for a drink with our friends after. We can be angry and still have a family lunch. We can be upset and find solace in socialising.

The two emotions don’t negate each other. In fact, they can strengthen each other.

7. Look after yourself and your friends

Civil unrest is scary, there’s no denying that.

And some people might find this unrest unsettling and anxiety-inducing. If you, or someone you know, feel that way, it’s important to validate those feelings. The same goes for physical health; you might want to join the daily protests, but sometimes you need to take a step back.

And that’s OK.


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