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Dear Powers That Be: Can We Officially Name Last Weekend’s Storm ‘Medicane Dnegel’?

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Look, we get it. ‘Dnegel’ jokes have reached the ‘please stop’ stage. They’re everywhere, overused, and becoming less and less original as the days go by. Classic Malta.

double d dnegel

But wouldn’t the ultimate dnegel joke be to forever cement it in Malta’s history by naming the record-breaking storm that rocked the island this weekend ‘Medicane Dnegel’?

The vast majority of the population have pretty much unanimously decided to call it Hurricane Dnegel already, in perhaps the fastest time the island has agreed on something in the history of forever. And we’re opting for Medicane, not Hurricane, because that’s technically what it was.

And also, we really fucking like the word ‘medicane’.

It would also be quite the summary of Malta in the early 21st Century for people to come across in the future

Can you imagine historians and future meteorologists trying to understand why we chose this name, of all names, and what it means? And also, they’d have to try to figure out how to pronounce it. Joke’s on them; we don’t know either.

Dnegel? Dneeegel? Dnejel? Who knows.

And after all, this weekend’s storm was pretty legendary, and turned a lot of the country upside down, so the backwards version of ‘legend’ is quite fitting.

So this is our official plea to whoever handles the official naming of the island’s storms to consider cementing the term ‘Medicane Dnegel’ in our official records

We’re very serious about this, and are sure a lot of you will be on our side for this. This is our time to come together and stand up as one, for the good of man and of country.

We thank you for your time.

Are you fed up of the dnegel jokes yet? We’re not.

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