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GUEST POST: For The Women In Malta Who Suffered

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It warms my heart to see that so many fellow women are standing up and raising their voices against the horrifying truth that still plagues our country.

We, unfortunately, live in a society that has closed its eyes and ears to the countless cases of violence against the women in this country. Our grand mothers, our mothers, our aunts, cousins and sisters have suffered in silence with no one to turn to.

We have cried out for help, turned to authority and been ignored or pushed aside because of a misogynistic and outdated belief that men cannot be held accountable for their actions because it is in their nature to be violent, it is in their nature to be sexual. They can’t control their urges, it is inherent, it is set in stone.

A man who does not see violence will not know violence. A man who doesn’t witness destruction, will not feel the need to destroy! Before we learn to speak and think, we observe! We watch our parents walk, we watch them interact, we copy them and lead by their example. It is more likely that a child will be violent if it witnesses violence. It’s like a virus, it is passed on. And in a society that doesn’t sanction it, it becomes a norm!

We can no longer accept that such cases are pushed aside, that our pain is not seen. We must no longer turn a blind eye to the injustices that we endure every day, be it domestic violence, sexual assault or any cases where an individual is harmed ( either gender!).

Women being turned away by authorities, men prancing in uniform and carrying around badges, driving around in their cars, carrying their coffees with phrases like, “sort it out amongst yourselves” or turning a blind eye to obvious abuse!

Of course, the stigma still surrounding mental health especially for men is also a contributing factor to why such cases are still so common. Men can’t talk about their feelings, men can’t be “weak” or break down or show emotion. Pent up anger, pent up frustration, rejection, fear. The expectations we put on the men in our society is also to blame! It is a cultural issue!

We heal, by sucking out the poison. Encouraging people to speak out, to speak up. To seek help, to be heard, to be seen!

No more silence! The women of this country deserve so much more!

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