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GUEST POST: Raise Your Profile In Malta While Being Proud To Respect Your Environment

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Today’s main challenge is to create more awareness and education about our environment.

We need to raise the bar and allow people to understand the correlation between their daily actions, their health, and that of our planet. With that purpose, and after going through a long process of thoughts and research, we have finally found an effective and immediate solution, giving direct power to demand.

We created Ecopence, a new and revolutionary solution supporting nature and our future. 

Currently, the way the market functions, plastic consumables are the basic norm and the convenience they represent allows us all to purchase anything with no planning as if to say that they are free and of no impact.

Here is a breakdown to show you how wrong this is and why immediate action needs to be taken:

We are actually paying for all disposables, so in comparison, if you purchase our organic cotton tote bag for €7 and use it for all kinds of shopping, you will be reducing a cost to all business operators, which relates to around €55 a year. If you invest in our organic cotton veggie bags at €11 and use them to purchase all your fresh fruits, veggies and bread, you would be further reducing at least another €15 a year in single-use plastic bags.

This list is never-ending when considering single-use plastics.

With Ecopence, we want to turn all these costs into savings and then to loyalties to our members using our methods. The quicker we convert this, the faster you will be making your investment back together with many more benefits in health as well as in value.

Another call for action arises knowing that most plastic disposables end up in our landfills and oceans.

As plastic takes more than 1,000 years to degrade, in its process it turns into micro-particles which crops, fish, and other animals consume, in practice we are contributing and currently investing in consuming plastic ourselves.

On average, according to the WWF, every human consumes approximately five grams of micro-plastics every week – that’s the equivalent of a credit card. This plastic consumption, alimented by ourselves, is directly linked to various health problems.

We can mention one of the biggest killers globally, with 17% recorded daily deaths: cancer.

Let’s imagine that everyone in the world starts using our reusable veggie bags. The global reduction in plastic bags would be of 3,375 billion bags a year. That is already 450 less plastic bags a year in our food and nature. We would consume one less plastic bag in volume per day.

Failing this, every year that passes we are eating more plastic and paying for it both with our money and health. Imagine the current situation amplified for the next 25 generations

The solution is here and within everyone’s power. We can put it in practice immediately with no pressure from any government body. We are sure that logic will prevail, and nations will react the same way they did to a virus threat.

Why wouldn’t we react to an even greater one? This threat is barely visible and not immediate but taking into consideration that in the world, every minute, 18 people die of cancer caused by the environment we created, then the threat is very visible and factual.

Join us today, sign up for free, and get our merchandise items to raise awareness. Invest in your future, save money and your health.

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