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If You’re Currently Being Terrorised Within The Labour Party, Here Is What You Can Do

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It’s plain to see what’s happening.

Cornered by mounting evidence against them, the murderous corrupt cabal of Castille is desperately trying to hang on.

They are trying to manage a painless exit. They want to influence the leadership race and then organise a coverup handover with the new leader.

And then they’ll ride into the sunset having gotten away with murder.

To do this, they are employing some tactics that the public does not see – especially within their own party and the structures of government.

You might think there is no-one in Labour’s parliamentary group, administration or Cabinet who wants to stand up for what’s right. You might think they’re all in on it together.

But the truth is, many of them are being terrorised by a power network that acts with impunity. They are terrorised by a man who should be in jail but is instead free to send threatening text messages to them from his villa in Santa Marija estate.

A sociopath, no less, who knows all their insecurities, secrets and pain points.

And who will resort to anything – anything – to get his way.

So what can they do? Just lump it? Let these guys get away with murder?

Stand on the sidelines while their party becomes unelectable for decades again?

No. They should rid themselves of cynicism and do the right thing. Ideally, that’s standing up publicly and saying: “I know this will lose me votes but quite frankly I don’t care because I don’t want to be in a party of journalist killers. I want them to be brought to justice.”

Sadly that too might be too difficult for some.

But there is something else they can do.

They can help inform the nation.

They can reach out to the press, in full confidence of anonymity, and tell us everything they know: The messages, the phone calls, the threats, the modus operandi, and the countless illicit deals that were struck on the back of a murder.

If you do know something that could help the public understand what is really happening, reach out.

Perhaps there is a specific journalist you trust. Trust them more today. And give them the material they need to work with.

Don’t believe the spin that the corrupt cabal are trying to condition you into believing.

Journalists have not been bought by Yorgen Fenech. They do not have an agenda against Labour.

We just want to know who really killed a journalist, who tried to cover it up, and who knew about it but said nothing.

Before we find out and put the whole lot in jail, our lives are all at risk.

You might feel that you are always damned if you do and heckled if you don’t. But don’t let them fool you into believing that narrative. This is not a stand against you or your party. It’s a stand against the worst form of criminality.

Do not let them get away with murder.

I can be reached on Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal on +35679241187. If you have a story or experience worth sharing, you can contact me in confidence.

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Christian is an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur who founded Lovin Malta, a new media company dedicated to creating positive impact in society. He is passionate about justice, public finances and finding ways to build a better future.

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