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It’s World Freedom Day And Here Are Four Ways You Can Celebrate It In Malta

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Freedom! A word which is quite often taken for granted when it comes to living in Malta and most countries in the world. However, we need to keep in mind that many people around the globe are still persecuted because of their race, belief, sexuality, gender and a multitude of other factors. This is why we need to be grateful, especially us living on freely on these sun- kissed islands because we were not free for most of our history. World Freedom Day is a day to be cherished and celebrated and here are four ways how you can celebrate it in Malta

1. Read books and articles about peacemakers and freedom activists throughout history

Efforts to push through manifestos of peace and freedom were not down to one person alone, but many activists and leaders who believed that freedom is not a luxury but a necessity. Check out the work of people such as Marsha P. Johnson, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr among others. These people will surely fill you up with inspiration and hope to keep fighting for freedom. 

2. Visit the various monuments around Malta relating to freedom

The Independence Monument in Valletta is truly breathtaking for us history and art junkies. The monument shows a representation of Malta as a gorgeous strong woman freeing herself from the heavy shackles of the past while proudly holding up the Maltese flag. The Sette Giugno Monument is also an inspiring souvenir of our history reminiscing on the six brave men who died in a riot against the British leaders who at the time gave little to no power to Maltese people. Our history is deeply rooted in the thirst for freedom, an accomplishment that our forefathers always wanted to attain for our beloved islands.

3. Rewatch Ġensna, the original Maltese rock opera

This beautiful masterpiece tells the tales of our beautiful islands, from the humble beginnings to the hardships to the finale of freedom. The song Tema 79 (specifically Ira Losco’s rendition… OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME IRA?!) is simply iconic. It is a culmination of Maltese courage paying off, resulting in Malta being our home where we can live freely.

4. Sign up to become an activist within organisations

LGBTI+ Gozo are offering Ġbejniet Academy, a course in activism and various soft skills that all activists should be armed with. Moviment Graffitti are always fighting for various causes and are always looking for people to join their cause. What I am trying to say is that opportunity is everywhere, you just have to seize the moment and fight for what you believe in because you are free to do so!

Bonus: Spend as much time as possible with friends and family

Some people end up having to leave family and friends behind to escape oppression. Cherish the fact that you can hug your loved ones or your significant other without prejudice (from most people because yes, we still have THOSE kinds of people around -.-) or end up being prosecuted for it.

Got another idea on how to celebrate World Freedom Day? Drop us a comment below

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