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Let’s Decide: Did Joseph Muscat Spend Too Much On His Holiday?

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The Nationalist Party has asked Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to explain how he spent €11,000 on accommodation for a family holiday last year at Dubai’s Atlantis, the Palm

Did he spend too much or is it perfectly justified? Scroll down to take our poll, but before you do, here are some points to consider.

1. €11,000 over six nights on just the hotel means an average spend of €1,800 a day

Which does seem like a high price to pay for accommodation on a family holiday.

2. But Dubai is a very expensive place to visit

With several top hotels charging upwards of €1,500 a night, it’s quite easy to rack up a serious bill.


3. The bill is equivalent to one fifth of his annual income

Which seems a bit hefty for one week.

4. But he did work in the European Parliament for years

And MEPs are known for having some serious pay cheques. Savings are a thing, and many will agree there’s no better way to spend money than travelling with your family.


5. The holiday itself probably cost even more than €11,000 

Considering that was just the hotel bill, other expenses haven’t even been considered.

6. But a hotel isn’t just a bed to sleep in

If you’re staying at high-end hotels, you’re probably going to dine in their restaurants and enjoy their other services… all of which are usually charged to the room; ergo the €11,000 might still be a significant portion of the whole trip.


7. Even if he could afford it on his official salary, what does it say to those who are struggling?

Like workers facing uncertainty at Air Malta and people who can barely afford to pay rent.

8. But doesn’t everyone have the right to spend their own money as they wish?

And he didn’t choose to splurge on a holiday to Ibiza, or €700 drinking with the lads; he spent a week with his kids.

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Let’s decide: did Joseph Muscat spend too much on his holiday?

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