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Literally No One Reacted Calmly To The News Of Joseph Muscat’s New Dog

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This weekend Joseph Muscat took to Instagram to announce the latest member of the Muscat family, a little Chowchow named Ħabiba. Unsurprisingly everyone reacted with approximately zero chill, and freaked out.

From good, to bad to vocally neutral, here are just some of the reactions to the announcement.

1. Some were honoured to share the same breed with the Prime Minister

Yes, #LabourChowDogs is a real thing now

2. While others wished he would have chosen a dog that wasn’t specifically bred to be ‘cute’

3. People wished he’d adopted a dog instead of buying one

There’s so many abandoned animals in shelters across the island it could have been a great incentive for people to keep an open mind.

4. It was called a smoke screen

5. While a lot retaliated by insisting on ‘living and letting live’

A favourite comment made when the comments or opinion of another person are not favourable in your opinion.

6. With some people even saying they’re jealous of the dog

7. The dog’s Instagram account pushed a few buttons

8. And other’s saw past it all to a silver lining: a potential increase in dog-friendly spaces

Here’s hoping all this dog talk will result in something beneficial for all furry friends.

What do you make of the whole situation?

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