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Malta Had A Whole Lot To Say About England Coming Home

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Half of Malta was taken to the peak of rapture and slowly led back down the hill after an early goal by England against Croatia seemed set to send the Three Lions into the World Cup Finals for the first time in over half a century.

However Croatia fought back and eventually overcame the Englishman – and a whole load of statuses were unleashed onto social media.

As soon as the game ended, there was only one thought on everyone’s minds

The pain of some English supporters was palpable

With some Malta-based Brits turning on their own team

Though some still held their head high

Of course, there were many who enjoyed the schadenfreude of seeing the Englishmen being sent home

And Maltese Juventus fans were really feeling good last night

Some people remembered to congratulate Croatia on their big win over the Three Lions

While others pointed out some things that might not have crossed your mind

Overall though, everyone was left with one thought though

Did you think football was coming home this year?

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