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Malta Reacts To PN’s New Leader

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It’s been just around 12 hours since Adrian Delia was confirmed as the new leader of the Nationalist Party. A bit after midnight last night, initial sampling showed Delia had won the leadership race against Chris Said with a projected 55 per cent of the vote (the official result was 52.7%).

Late last night and early this morning, Facebook was already filling up with reactions from various different people both in and out of the political eye. Here’s what the general sentiment feels like on the first morning since Delia’s win.

1. Many people congratulated Delia and welcomed his promised “new way”

While of course thanking Chris Said in the process

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2. Others weren’t too happy

People even claimed they would now be distancing themselves from the PN because of Delia.

3. Some people realised how worrying it is for the PN to be divided at this already-troubled time

4. Kurt Farrugia had some instant choice words

The Office to the Prime Minister’s Chief Communications Officer Kurt Farrugia almost instantly tweeted out his reaction last night, “Enter the #sleazy and the #criminals.” 

While the status got a lot of positive reactions, it did also attract a couple of “pot calling the kettle black” comments. Eventually, it even made it to a post by AD leader Professor Arnold Cassola, who was quick to note that the same old mudslinging seemed to be the order of the day.

At one point, even Franco Debono, who had been a harsh critic of Delia for the last couple of months, joined the fray with a quick comment.

5. This seemed like the final straw for people who were already desensitised after the last election

“Fantastic, I now share zero values with either of the party leaders.”

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6. Of course, it didn’t take too long for DCG to be mentioned

Screen Shot 2017 09 17 At 11 38 33

What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments below

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