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Maltese Law Students Demand ‘Compensation’ After The Wrong Exam Paper Is Given Out During Important Finals

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The Malta Law Students’ Society (GħSL) has called for law students to be compensated after the wrong examination paper was handed out during a final exam, leading to students being asked to leave the room and the exam being postponed by seven hours.

“This decision was taken after the original exam paper contained a number of non-examinable questions, which were already the subject of a previous exam in the first semester,” the GħSL said. “Therefore, a number of students who were sitting for this exam earlier today found themselves unable to answer the paper.”

The Society has said that this incident had placed students “at a disadvantage: undue stress has been placed on these students.”

They are now calling for a guaranteed set of marks to be given to students in ‘light of this grave injustice’

Students were reportedly left wondering how to answer the questions they hadn’t studied for, with some students spending up to an hour sitting at the desk waiting for University authorities to clarify the situation.

“Obviously everyone started shouting ‘this isn’t our paper’,” the Times of Malta reported a student as saying.

The exam, which occurred this morning at 10am, will now be taken today at 5pm.

KSU have also called for the students to be compensated following the incident.

The University of Malta has confirmed the incident, and is investigating it

“The University is currently looking into the matter with the Board of Examiners,” they said.

What do you think should happen following this mess-up?

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