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Pastizzi Power: The Results Are In – Which Is Malta’s Favourite Pastizzi Flavour?

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It’s official. Malta’s favourite pastizzi flavour has been chosen. After rousing some serious cravings amongst the entire nation with out documentary My Life Is Pastizzi, we asked Elvin and Aaron Muscat from Sphinx Pastizzeria to share their favourite flavour with us.

In true brotherly fashion they picked one each, opting for the classics with irkotta for Elvin and pi?elli for Aaron. But we wanted to extend the debate and try and settle this once and for all.

So we turned to you guys, and boy was that a wild ride.

Ricotta started off in the lead

But the race was painfully close all throughout.

Rikotta 1

Eventually peas took over by a bit.

Pizelli 1

And then they were literally 50/50 for a while.


But obviously, there can only be one real winner

And after three days of intense voting, we have our winner.

And that winner, is pi?elli.

By a margin of literally just 2%, which is insane, with iroktta at 49% and pi?elli at 51%. What do you think of this result – did you vote for pi?elli? Or were you just mad because chicken wasn’t an option?

Screen Shot 2019 04 12 At 13 20 43

If you haven’t watched our My Life Is Pastizzi, all about the Muscat brothers, the family behind Sphinx, one of the biggest names in pastizzerias in the country, here you go*:

*Likely to cause extreme cravings

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