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POLL: Which Gozo Tunnel Route Do You Prefer?

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With the announcement that an undersea channel tunnel might actually be happening, Malta and Gozo now face the very real possibility of becoming connected on a whole new level. This brings a whole bag of issues with it by itself – but the route chosen has some people wondering if the best one was chosen.

The government announced its preferred route: a 13km-long tunnel between Manikata, Malta, and Nadur, Gozo. 

But this is just one of the four choices the government had. 


The facts

  • 6,500 vehicles are expected to use the tunnel daily
  • The tunnel will be 13km long, and have a radius of 7m
  • There would be a toll similar to the price of the Gozo ferry
  • There would be one lane going in each direction, and one emergency lane
  • The tunnel could be done as early as 2024

With plans to finalise the choice by August, what route do you think would be the best for the Malta – Gozo tunnel?

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