Could You Have Been Dorianne Camilleri?

How many times have you been close to killing someone on the road?

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The story of Doranne Camilleri – a 34-year-old schoolteacher who ran over two elderly people in Attard in 2011 and was sentenced to fives years in prison – has struck a chord with the Maltese public. From petitions launched, to social media outcry, to MPs calling for a revision of laws – this story has touched people from all walks of life in Malta.

But this certainly isn't the most unique Maltese traffic fatality story, nor is it the most gory, or mysterious. But we'd hedge our bets on the fact that it just might be the most relatable. 

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Have you ever experienced a similar incident? Answer our poll below, which is looking to find out how many times Maltese drivers have come face to face with a near-fatal accident on the road. And we're not talking about drunk driving, driving while texting, or reckless speeding. We're simply asking whether people have been blind-sided by pedestrians, potentially leading to an accident.

Now, we're not blaming pedestrians. But if this kind of thing happens to drivers in Malta frequently, then it's definitely a problem we need to look into. Is it lack of road safety education? Is that our road signage isn't clear enough? Are our traffic lights in the the right places? Are there enough zebra crossings? Is it the problem with illegal parking causing blind-spots? Should careless pedestrians be getting fines too?

Take the poll – help us find out how common this problem really is. 

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