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This Is Who Won Last Night’s Debate, According To Our Readers

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Last night, we asked our readers to vote in a live poll during the debate between Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Leader of Opposition Simon Busuttil on Xarabank. 

Almost 18,000 votes later, the result is a clean tie, with each leader getting 45% of the vote. The remaining 10% went to “none of them”.  

The poll began largely in favour of Busuttil, who at a point hit more than 60% of the vote. But as the debate went on and Muscat insisted the documents published by Caruana Galizia were falsified, Muscat’s numbers grew substantially. Immediately after the debate, Muscat was in the lead with 48% of the votes, until the poll evened out a few hours later. 

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Interestingly, in another poll which asked readers whether they believed Caruana Galizia or the Muscats on the whole Egrant saga, the results were very different. After 1,600 votes, Caruana Galizia is in the lead with 67% of the vote. 

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Who do you think won the debate? Tell us in the comments below!

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