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POLL: Elastoplast, Plaster Or Stick? What Do Maltese People Use When They’ve Got A Cut?

When you cut your finger or your arm or your leg or your whatever, what do you use to patch things up?

You know, those cheeky little sticky bands that hold your life together when disaster strikes and you’ve somehow managed to get a papercut from your napkin while out for dinner on a Saturday evening – what are they called?

Actor, TV presenter, model and absolute Dream Daddy™ Ben Camille thought he had the answer.

So, Ben (clearly not sponsored by Elastoplast), calls them by their brand name, and if that isn’t the most tal-Pepe thing in the history of anything, ever, we don’t know what is.

But we’re still confused with what to call them..

In America, they’re known as band-aids. The UK tends to use plaster. But Malta? Just what do Mediterraneans call them? We must know!

If your answer was in the top percentage, then congrats – you’re a fully-fledged Malteser. If you’re in the middle, you’re probably British. If you’re in the lowest bar, you’re most likely another Camille. Try ripping that baby off in one fell swoop.

Share your results in the comments below and tag a friend to get their answer!

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