VOTE NOW: What Did You Think Of Valletta 2018's Extravagant Official Opening?

Impressive and authentic or an underwhelming rehash?

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After more than half a decade of anticipation, Valletta officially celebrated its status as the 2018 European Capital of Culture with an extravagant celebration that spanned over its four main squares.

Tens of thousands flocked to Malta's capital for Saturday's festivities, and what followed was a healthy mix of impressed praises and underwhelmed 'meh's. 

Trippy projections took over the facades of famous buildings like Castille and the newly-renovated St. John's Co-Cathedral, with dance and musical numbers popping up on random corners along Valletta's streets. Meanwhile, back in the city's entrance, the majestic Triton Fountain was returned to its former glory... alongside a performance which looked awfully familiar.

With so many voicing their opinions online, the whole thing quickly descended into a mess of comments and mudslinging. And that's exactly where a handy poll comes in!

Have you say below and let's see what Malta really thought of the big do with our poll.

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