Gozitans Mourn The Loss Of 150 Year-Old Landmark

Seems like the concrete jungle is coming to the sister island.

Lm Cover Old House Demolished

The historic lead-up to Donald Trump's has dominated headlines everywhere. 

Meanwhile, in Gozo, something which was met with even more universal shock was the destruction of an innocent 150-year-old building. 

Meet the iconic blue-doored house of Qbajjar.

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Well, beautiful photos like these by J.J.P. Zammit are the only way you can really meet it now, because yesterday, the house was demolished. Standing for over 150 years and becoming a timeless landmark for many generations, a photo was uploaded to Facebook yesterday morning showing the demolishing taking place.

Many took to Facebook to lament what they couldn't help but feel was the end of an era:  

But while reading all the comments only continued to sadden us and make us fear for the impeding concrete future, at least this comment sums up nostalgia and loss perfectly:

Do you remember this iconic Gozitan landmark? Share your story with us in the comments and tag someone who remembers passing by it!

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