7 Downright Insane Reactions To Yesterday's Azure Window Tragedy

After the sad and the hilarious, it's time for the absolute bonkers

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On this, the first day WAW (Without the Azure Window), we can already say we've seen it all. 

Beyond the beautifully emotional tributes and the brutally hilarious memes (and then some more), some people's reactions left us absolutely speechless. Here are seven of the weirdest.

1. Someone already put "an original stone from the collapsed Azure Window" up for auction on eBay

Screen Shot 2017 03 09 At 11 17 20

Located in Pisa, this small piece of the "most icon natural monument of the Mediterranean" (sic) allegedly belongs to someone who had previously visited Dwejra and took it home as a souvenir.

The auction started yesterday evening and has already seen a 700% increase from the original asking price. Wow.

2. Others are convinced that this was an act of God

Azure Proph

... or found the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the whole thing.

3. Rebuild The Azure Window is a Facebook page that actually exists... and there's also a petition going round

Screen Shot 2017 03 09 At 11 40 47

Talk of rebuilding the Azure Window appeared nearly instantly when the news broke, and while many were probably being sarcastic, it looks like others weren't. The petition to rebuild our lost natural icon keeps steadily graining traction, and with Joseph Muscat announcing an international initiative this morning, one can only hope.

"Rebuilding the Azure Window is not impossible," the page states. "Islands have been built in Dubai and around the world, so why not rebuild this iconic Window?" Well, when you put it that way...

4. People are already seeing faces, and the Azure Widow is Gozo's latest attraction

Screen Shot 2017 03 09 At 12 01 01

It seems like Gozo won't have any problems attracting tourists in the future after all.

Is it a widow though, or is it... ?

5. Other people felt like Malta's seen darker days in recent times

Screen Shot 2017 03 09 At 12 03 43

... ok.

6. Azure Window tattoos have already started showing up


It seems like some of our predictions for a post-Azure-Window Malta have already started coming true.

Admittedly, this is one of the best things we've ever seen... in an albeit weird way. The person who got it was a tattooist who instantly went for it the second he heard the news, but he told us he's already been asked to do it for a couple of clients. Now that's a trend we can get behind.

7. But other people are convinced the Azure Window is still watching over us all

Screen Shot 2017 03 09 At 12 23 24

It seems like natural monuments go to heaven after all.

Tag someone who's still not over this loss.

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