6 Painful Mistakes In Tonio Fenech's Email To The PN

Spellcheck can't fix everything

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Lovin Malta has been known to make a typo (or six). Just this morning we announced we were exited (as opposed to excited) about the new Marriage Equality Bill. Still, you've got to hand it to Tonio Fenech; some of his typos in an internet-breaking email about gay marriage were more fascinating than anything we've ever seen.

If you don't believe us, feel free to read the full letter here.

1. 'Does' instead of 'those'

Once may have been a mistake, but twice? Twice means you genuinely think that's how to spell it.


2. 'Carriers' instead of 'career'

Unless this is some serious self-shade about how people carried your career...


3. 'We once again playing perfectly into'

We are once again, perhaps? 

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4. 'Persisting in this road' instead of 'persisting on this road'

You never wanna be in a road, always on it.


5. 'The program become a' instead of 'the program becomes a'

It either became a, or becomes a.


6. 'Into Joseph Muscat hands' instead of 'into Joseph Muscat's hands'

Is this some new saying? What does it mean to have 'Joseph Muscat hands'? We know Donald Trump hands means small.



It's not a typo, but was too perfect to leave out.

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