'Does Flamboyant Me Irritate You?': Gay Dancer In Chameleon Video Claps Back At 'Ex-LGBT Malta'

'Strut your butts, be you and show off those glitter eye lids or your well packed strap-on crotches'

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A Maltese dancer who was featured in the music video of Michela Pace's Eurovision entry has called out anti-LGBTQ comments that had criticised him for being too effeminate.

"As a gesture of good will, I’ll be nice this time," Luke Brincat starts in his fiery Facebook post

"In the name of my self pride and LGBTIQ+ following, I refuse to bow down to such a mediocre bunch. Does flamboyant me irritate you?" he asked Ex-LGBT Malta, a Facebook page for people claiming to be "ex-gay".

"But, with great professionalism, I do my job well, and when requested to be in touch with my feminine side - I do it with no shame. Your judgement does not limit my capabilities... sew?" he continued.

The hateful post was very quickly destroyed in the comments section

Malta shot to the forefront of global LGBTQ+ rights following changes to the law starting in 2014

However, there has been a concerted anti-LGBTQ+ movement in Malta in recent months, seemingly kicked off by the appearance of a self-professed "ex-gay" man, Matthew Grech, on X Factor Malta.

The River Of Love affiliate is known for his homophobic rhetoric, appearing on national television talking about his "conversion" from being gay to straight.

Grech, as well as his movement, has been widely lambasted in Maltese society, and the government has even issued a condemnatory statement in regards to his promotion of gay conversion therapy on TVM, which is illegal in Malta.

What do you think of the dance moves in Chameleon?

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