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Eesh: Maltese Photographer Forced To Clarify Situation Behind ‘Cocaine’ Spotted On DJ Stand At Easter Sunday Party

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Easter weekend in Malta is jam packed with processions, family lunches and massive parties. But by the time it was all over and people returned to their daily routine, it was one party that remained on the mouths of many… just not for the reason the promoters would’ve liked to.

A photo from Easter Sunday’s huge After Blade party at Aria went viral for all the wrong reasons when people thought they had spotted something that both the DJs and the photographer hadn’t noticed; a line of cocaine just by the mixer.

Lovin Malta Blade Cocaine

The photo in question, with the contentious spot marked in red in the bottom left

As the photo continued to be circulated all over people’s message threads, both DJ Daniel Blade and photographer Daryl Cauchi were forced to clarify the situation, showing everyone that the truth couldn’t be further away from a line of cocaine just casually spread across the stand and photographed for all to see.

“It’s still there, God bless,” the DJ joked on Monday, sharing multiple close-ups of the DJ stand’s surface, clearly showing a scratch in the wood that resulted in the whole mix-up. And while it’s easy to see how the white line might look like a line of cocaine from afar, it’s quite worrying to see what a quick and automatic jump some people made.

“As the photographer of the photo that caused all this commotion, I have just realised that there are a hell lot of other details that I’ve got to notice,” photographer Daryl Cauchi followed up on Facebook. “People are grand at judging and jumping to conclusions… all cause of a bloody scratch!”

Thankfully, dozens of people jumped to the DJ’s defence, calling out the “Facebook Sherlock Holmes” that had started the completely false rumour.

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