Famous Maltese Landmark Sees Influx Of Terrible Trip Advisor Reviews

Did these people not go online?

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Tourists visiting Malta and Gozo have been left with a bad taste in their mouth after their adventure to the Azure Window yielded nothing but a disappointing view of a plain cliff face. Trust us, we know the feeling.

While many simply turn to sadly trek back up Dwejra's hill, some have taken to Trip Advisor to give the ex-landmark a terrible, one-star review. At least the sadness of losing the window continues to provide comedy gold, even if it is unintentional.

"OK the 'window' fell down recently but its still a good spot to visit. Of course the iconic window isn't there but plenty of other things like the inland sea which is my favorite place to swim and laze about."

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The ratings have been so frequent that even The Telegraph has run a story reporting on the influx of one-star reviews. And as the summer progresses, and more tourists pour in to take in the sights, the number of disappointed ratings will only continue to rise.

So... how's that 'international initiative' looking?

"The window is no more. Cant really give an excellent score to something that no longer exists. Went to where it was but there are few other attractions other than the sea. Nature wins."

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What do you think: Should there be something in place to console tourists who come looking for the window?

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