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Donald Trump meets other pressing local issues.

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2016 has been one very big, eventful mixed bag, and you could argue that its climax was this last week. So we felt there was no better time to kick off our Funniest Maltese Facebook Posts of the Week than at the end of what seems like a pretty historic couple of days. Everything from The Salott to people's personal profiles saw a spike in online activity, and some of it was utterly hilarious. Here are our favourites:

1. "US Election? What US Election?"

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Sure, most of our Facebook newsfeeds turned into a live commentary of the events leading up to Donald Trump being elected as the new US President, but not everyone was buying into the hype. Not when there was a 12 piece pots and pan set selling for only €49.95 on national TV!

2. A (probably serious) question gets some hilarious answers

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What with quasi-daily reports about increasingly-cold relations between Russia and the US, bi-monthly ISIS attacks, global financial crises and an alarming climate change shift, Mike here probably thought this was a very legitimate and relevant question to ask. 

The people who answered him, however, didn't, and in turn, they won the internet.

Funniestposts1 22
Funniestposts1 21

3. The Salott went apocalyptic for one week 

Funniestposts1 4

We're not quite sure which one's our favourite here - the person asking for nuclear shelters on The Salott, or the reply urging him to wait for Morales to get rid of his Christmas stock. Either way, we can definitely imagine the Qormi Warehouse with 2 for 1 offers on gas masks. 

4. Probably not a good idea mate...

Funniestposts1 5

Back home, more important issues than the leader of the free world reared their ugly heads, like a weight-conscious wife and her husband's bright idea of buying her new weighing scales for her birthday. 

Definitely a troll (or at least we hope so), but still created enough traction to generate hundreds of comments, including our favourite, "Take her out to a romantic dinner to McDonald's instead." 

5. The Eagle Shall Rise

Funniestposts1 6

With the American election constantly on everyone's minds, it was good to know that there were some people who were looking beyond and onto the local implications of the result. Besides, we're pretty sure a lot of us would be glad to see the end of bipartisan politics and the introduction of free pastizzi for everyone!

6. In 2016, you'll never walk alone

Funniestposts1 7

To say 2016 gave us a lot of surprises is an understatement. So maybe Mario is right to believe Liverpool might just very well win the Premiere League this year!

7. There were of course plenty of Trump jokes

Funniestposts1 3

We've already highlighted some of Malta's reactions to America's choice hours after the result went global, but when the dust settled, some people felt it was time for a little bit of comedy amidst the panic.

8. The New First Lady got some attention too...

Funniestposts1 8

There's nothing more Maltese than a conversation about women at Hefu Bar over a cigarette or ten, and this comment is as funny as it is hard-hittingly real. 

9. Madonna? No. 

Funniestposts1 9

A perfectly seamless way to combine an election thousands of miles ago to something extremely close to our nation's heart. Madonna, no!

BONUS: Some things never change 

Funniestposts1 10

Sure, we've had some pretty amazing sunsets these last couple of weeks, but there's only so many different angles you can take photos of a beautifully-coloured sky over Malta and upload it Facebook without looking exactly like the rest of your newsfeed. 

Trust the Daddies to finally point it out!

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