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‘It’s Been 84 Years’: Malta’s Meme Army Reacts To Yesterday’s Two-Hour-Long Press Conference

Boy, yesterday’s press conference sure was a ride and a half, huh? Besides reopening more establishments – including restaurants, hair salons and beauticians – Prime Minister Robert Abela, Health Minister Chris Fearne and Public Health Superintendent Charmaine Gauci gave the nation new meme opportunities… and Malta quickly obliged.

From the points raised to how long they took to be raised – not to mention the nation’s expected reaction come next Monday – Malta’s internet peeps had a field day with this one.

Here are some of our favourite reactions and memes from yesterday’s two-hour-long (yes, really) press conference.

Many were quick to point at how long it took for the measures to be shared, with some of the first announcements coming in over half an hour into the press conference’s start.

Left Meme by Adrian Ferriggi, Right by Timothy Zammit

Meanwhile, other comments chose to instead dissect some of the statements being thrown around.

From the Prime Minister deeming the turning down of the elderly in shops as “illogical” to his appeal to “not scare people with deaths”, nothing was safe.

But while people were busy nitpicking the Prime Minister’s words (or struggling to stay awake), others tried to envision what Malta’s newer New Normal would look like.

Whether it’s the sudden arrival of outdoor cinemas showing the latest blockbuster by Adrian Zammit or the way some people seem to think it’s all over just because we can now get a haircut, the memes were all there for the making.

Edit by Chris Azzopardi

Outspoken lawyer and former Nationalist MP Franco Debono, on the other hand, didn’t offer memes… but he did offer “free advice” to people still unsure on what they’ll be doing next week.

“I do understand that, since the whole world is reopening, this country can’t remain closed,” Debono started.

“But my own rule for now will be this:  if I could stay in for as long as possible when everyone else was locked indoors, now that everyone can roam about freely, I’ll be trying to stay in more than before, because the danger has now increased, not decreased.”

The status quickly gained a lot of traction, with hundreds of people reacting to it and dozens sharing it on their own wall.

What did you make of yesterday’s press conference?

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