Linking Stipends To Part-Time Work: The Debate In Comments

A healthy debate is always an interesting sign


A recent discussion at Fat Louie's was held as part of A Series Of Inquisitive Events, a venture being organised in the run up to April's big TedXUniversityofMalta conference conference. The event in question featured three panelists – restauranteur Tommy Diacono of New York Best and Fat Louie's fame, eCabs founder Matthew Bezzina, and architect Sandro Valentino. 

The three speakers gave insight into the challenges and opportunities related with doing business in Malta. Part of the day's discussion included Diacono's stipend reform idea, which proposed stipends being doubled, but financed through a public-private partnership that encourages part-time work for students.

Our readers had a lot to say about it. Here's some of the most compelling responses we got to the debate.

1. The money should be used to send students abroad instead

2. Students don't have the flexibility they need to work and study

3. Arguably, the government would have to pay a lot more for this to work

4. But it would be valuable training in transferrable skills

5. It could discourage students from focusing on their academic studies

6. But on the other hand, it could improve students’ work ethic

Overall, we're just glad it got people talking about the subject of study-work-life balance for students in Malta. Here's hoping we can keep this debate alive and continue to discuss methods through which students can work in sync with businesses in Malta.

What do you think of stipends for Maltese university students? Tell us int he comments section below!

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