Malta Quick To React (Hilariously) To Claims Russians Planted Egrant Story

Putin to the rescue

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As the election season grows more and more tense (what with the Prime Minister claiming Russian involvement and the Leader of the Opposition dismissing it as "totally absurd"), the Maltese social media sphere has gone into overdrive as they try to cope with the news constantly being flung at them. And it seems humour is the best medicine in these situations.

1. New candidates have already been announced

Russia 1

2. That Netflix binge life

3. The coolest billboard to date

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4. And some slight tweaks to older ones

6. International memes returned to the limelight

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7. With new takes on some old classics

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8. Some inconvenient truths were pointed out

9. And top Maltese memes got a well-earned spot in the limelight

Putin My Horse

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