Malta Reacts To A Second Labour Landslide Victory In The 2017 General Election

'Varied' is an understatement

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Earlier today, news of the Labour Party winning big in the 2017 snap general election took over everyone's newsfeed, and the streets. As was to be expected, everyone had extremely different reactions to the news. 

Countless ecstatic statuses started flooding social media as soon as the election results were called, with people celebrating Labour's second consecutive win and congratulating Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Needless to say, many people were disappointed that, after everything that was said and done over the last couple of months, this year's result nearly perfectly mirrored the 2013 general election results.


And while some of the reactions from both sides might have been slightly heavy-handed...


It did seem like thankfully, a lot of people, from both sides, were very gracious with the way they celebrated Labour's victory, conceded PN's loss, or voiced their opinions in general.

And for the people who have been disillusioned with this gruelling campaign all along, today wasn't really any different.

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