Malta Reacts To Paceville's Latest (And Most Colourful) Hotel

'Divided' is an understatement

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After decades of absence, Holiday Inn is coming back to Malta very soon in the form of a new (and very colourful) Express hotel in St. Julian's. 

This latest addition to Paceville's skyline is part of a 10-year contract between the Eden Leisure Group and InterContinental Hotel Group, and will be a 100-room, three-star hotel with free Wi-Fi and a focus on promoting a green environment.

With its extremely unique facade, however, the new Holiday Inn Express hotel has already become the talking point of hundreds of people before even opening.

Some people were quick to express their negative reactions at the hotel's eccentric design, claiming it stands out like a sore thumb, completely disregards Malta's heritage, and will soon enough look extremely dated.

As many others pointed out however, context is key, and the hotel's location should definitely be taken into consideration here.

One thing's for sure; Malta's latest hotel is going to need constant upkeep  and maintenance to make sure it remains the colourful highlight it is.

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