Malta's Facebook Reactions To Today's Hijacking Story

Shock, sadness, and misplaced concern over cancelled flights

Hijack Reaction Covers

Today's hijacking events will go down in history. Malta was thrust into an international crisis after a domestic flight with 118 people on board was hijacked and landed at MIA this morning. The plane took off from Sabha and was originally bound for the Libyan capital Tripoli.

The hijackers have now been searched and arrested, and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat addressed the nation in a press conference about the events.

Malta watched attentively as the incident took place. Here's a taste of some of the reactions to the story as they unfold throughout the day

1. The – is this actually happening? – reaction

2. The – OMG am I safe? – reaction 

3. The – in other news... – reaction

3. The – this is a conspiracy! – reaction

4. The – FFS, I'm going to miss my flight – reaction

5. The – I'll just tune in for the results – reaction

6. The – genuine relief and gratitude – reaction

7. The – it's all over – reaction

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