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Malta’s ITU Is Nearly Full Up And The Prime Minister Is Acting Like An Ostrich, ‘Very Concerned’ Doctors Warn

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“One last effort is necessary before the vaccine becomes available,” Malta’s doctors have appealed in a statement issued tthis morning by The Medical Association of Malta.

“MAM is very concerned at the absence of leadership while the epidemic spirals out of control,” the union’s statement begins, following what has become Malta’s worst weekend for new COVID-19 cases since the virus landed on our shores all the way back in March.

“Things will get much worse if our health care system collapses because of these very high numbers,” the union warned, going on to announce that “the local Intensive Care Unit is nearly full up and will soon not be able to deal with increasing number of serious cases, be they COVID, traffic accidents or other disease.”

“With daily numbers close to hundreds, the Prime Minister cannot behave like an ostrich with its head in the sand and state that it is business as usual, while deaths continue to occur from Covid every day.”

“Many more patients from younger age groups are being admitted to hospital with serious COVID symptoms every day,” the union continued, addressing the much-regurgitated myth that only the elderly are being affected by the virus.

“The government must stop sending mixed messages that the epidemic is under control, grossly underestimating the gravity of the situation,” MAM continued. “This has encouraged many people not to take mask wearing seriously, accelerating the spread of the virus. This does not augur well either for Public Health nor the economy.”

“The current situation but must be acted upon promptly and firmly, moving away from populism and be based on objective science and the common good. The idea that our elderly citizens can be sacrificed for the economy is unethical and completely unacceptable.”

“Understandably many people have become fed up with Covid restrictive measures, however according to WHO there is hope that a vaccine is very likely to be available by the end of the year,” the MAM reassured. “The fact that pay supplement will extended is also good news.”

MAM’s statement ends with the union calling for six specific actions to be taken sooner rather than later. 

Obligatory mask wearing in all indoor places “without exception”, extended also to all work places, along with stepping up the educational campaign on “how (and why) to wear masks” lead the pack of suggestions.

Meanwhile, the MAM also called for the “shielding of the elderly and vulnerable groups to be intensified”, along with “enforcements on mask wearing and more fines” being essential.

As for Malta’s airport, the MAM is also calling for “mandatory screening on all incoming passengers to swab 72 hours before departure, rather than taking a very small sample”. “Flights from cities where a local lockdown is in place should be stopped,” the union continued.

Finally, the MAM said “teleworking and work from home should continue to be encouraged”.

“Consider more restrictive measures on non-essential services if the above fail, however these must always be financially compensated for their losses,” the union’s statement finished.

What do you make of this statement?

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