Malta's Reaction To British Family Going Through Extended Nightmare Stay Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Supporters also include a private airline

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Earlier this week, we ran a story on Marc and Amy Young, a British couple who saw their short holiday in Malta extended to a harsh, seven-week stay after their 10-month-old daughter Eliza Jane was rushed to hospital suffering with Streptococcus Pneumococcal Meningitis. 

Nearly two months later, Eliza Jane has been left partially blind, deaf in her left ear, and her parents were also told she'll be left with significant brain damage when she grows up. She still hasn't cleared for flying back home, but when that happens, the Youngs will need a substantial amount of money. To top it all off, every single day they're here means more expenses; seven weeks worth of accommodation, car hire and food all add up, especially while not being able to work. 

This is why two close family friends, Gill and Garth Wyse, opened a Go Fund Me page for the Youngs over last weekend, with the target of £5,000. The feedback that the page - and in extension, the family - has received in the last couple of days, will definitely restore your faith in humanity. 

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In the first 24 hours, the Wyses campaign in aid of the Youngs managed to raise £9,910. Now, at the time of writing this, the Go Fund Me campaign has raised £12,970, with an increasing list of donations coming from Maltese people. With hundreds flocking to help the family in need, organisations have also joined to help make the Youngs' new life slightly better. 

Mater Dei Hospital informed Lovin Malta that private jet charters VistaJet have already offered flights back home to the family whenever young Eliza is cleared to fly. Also, St. Julians' family-run restaurant Il-Pirata will be supplying the family with food while they stay here in Malta.

With so many locals chiming in to help and give whatever they can to the young parents, Eliza Jane's story has gone from one of great misfortune to a heartwarming reminder of how far a kind act can really go. 

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