Malta's University Student Council Reacts To The Halted Car Park Works

Plans have suddenly changed


Despite work being well underway on a proposed three-storey car park at the University of Malta, plans for the building have suddenly changed. The University has halted all works on the 134-space carpark on campus, which is currently a four-storey deep hole.

Several students have taken to social media to voice their complaints about the change, but the President of Malta's University Student Council (KSU) Robert Napier has said that his organisation "thoroughly agrees with the intended nature of the [new] project" that will be replacing it.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Napier said the new plan for laboratories will serve to "promote and facilitate research". 

He however was critical of the fact that KSU learned of the issue only through the press, insisting that broader engagement with the student body "might have of lead to a discussion" that could have of "resulted in a mixture of ideas that could possibly tackle the ongoing parking problem within University."

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The underground car park was planned to accommodate up to 134 vehicles, have a landscaped 'plaza' for pedestrians and house some of the University library's archives beneath a new research wing.

With around 12,000 students attending, the University of Malta faces a chronic parking shortage, and it was expected that his project would facilitate the situation. 

Mr. Napier was adamant that this parking alone would not have of been sufficient to solve the problem, and so KSU "will be taking on a proactive approach in this regard throughout our term."

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