Maltese Education Commissioner Causes Uproar With Condescending Opinion Piece About Women

"The foibles of a fuckwit"

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Charles Caruana Carabez was appointed as Commissioner for Education within the Office of the Ombudsman back in September 2017. Barely four months later, his position is already being challenged, and it all started with an opinion piece published this morning on Times of Malta.

The Foibles of Women, as Caruana Carabez chose to name his latest opinion piece, already had some people fuming before they even read through the dozen or so paragraphs. What followed were quotable nuggets like "ever since the incident in the Garden of Eden, women have had a rather crazy relationship with vegetation" and "No woman would have fallen for the serpent because women always think they know everything". Oh, and let's not forget Caruana Carabez stating that he has "the absolute right to talk about their differences, conceding them the equal right to run us men down." Yikes.

The (rather pointless, if not blatantly sexist) opinion piece ends with Caruana Carabez saying, "I do expect a female wag to give me the cudgelling I probably deserve through an article that counters my contentions". Within minutes, dozens of people - women and men - were happy to oblige.

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"Another blogosaurus here," one comment read. "Must be at least a million years old this one". Many were quick to note that, even with Donald Trump's incessant and unbelievable Tweets on a daily basis, this piece still took the cake as a strong WTF contender. And this is just on the fifth day of the year.

One person said this was an intelligent, orchestrated ploy by Caruana Carabez to "wind up the brigade of political correct bullshit with a simple article" and that it was all "a bit of tongue, a bit of cheek", but not many others were having it.

Here are some of the harshest - and most hilarious - reactions to a piece we still can't believe saw the light of day in 2018.

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What do you make of all this? Let us know in the comments below.

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