Maltese People Are Losing Their Shit Over The Latest ODZ Planning Approvals

Many have just flat out given up

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As news of more permits for developments in ODZ areas continue to come out on an increasingly regular basis, Maltese people on Facebook haven't stopped expressing their sorrow and outrage. Many more, however, have seemingly given up. 

Earlier this month, Malta Today reported that, during the five-week long election campaign of 2017, more permits were issued than the nine weeks of the 2013 electoral campaign, averaging out to 38 permits per day. In the last week of this year's electoral campaign, a total of 364 were issued... and 46 of them were ODZ. 

All this, coupled with some of the most recent announcements of controversial developments around the island, have left people disenchanted with the whole thing.


Meanwhile, other people have instead gone for memes as a response, showing a mix of worry, outrage, and perhaps even flat out giving up on the entire situation. Now, anything from comparing Malta to 1980s Columbia to coming up with extremely colourful new names for the establishments behind the proposals has become a thing. One person even tried to imagine what property descriptions in the surrounding areas must've changed overnight if they had to be brutally honest.


One user, on the other hand, took yesterday's triple-news and perfectly summed up what many people were inevitably thinking when they were scrolling through their newsfeeds this week.

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Photo by Mark Cauchi.

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