Maltese People Lose Their Shit Over The Latest Controversial Colour Mix-Up

Why is this happening again?!

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Look; different people clearly have different perceptions on certain colour combinations. This is something we had to learn the hard way back in 2015 with the infamous Dress, which triggered an endless online argument on whether it was white and gold or blue and black. Now, a whole two years later, another questionable colour combination has manifested itself in the form of Nike sportswear, and it's already made it to Malta's shores.  

"Here we go again!" warned the original Facebook post which brought the dilemma to light. The photo, which shows a set of NIKE sportswear, has only been up for a couple of days, but it's already been shared hundreds of times and featured on numerous websites and blogs. Eventually, it also appeared popular Maltese Facebook forum The Salott.

Now in our eyes, this one's a no-brainer; it's mint (or teal) and grey (or silver). But it seems like a surprisingly large number of people are seeing anything from pink and white to red and orange (really though?!).


Back in 2015, when we were still naive and trying to understand why people can't just see colours in the exact same way we do, the internet learnt that the colours we see are a result of the way our eyes have evolved, and just how efficient our brains are at removing the colour of the light which is reflecting off an object from the equation. This is the same kind of system which is found in all cameras, commonly known as white balance.

But never mind the science of it allwhat colours do you see?! 

This whole dilemma made us think of Malta's answer to this; of all things, Marsaxlokk's Local Council flag.

A lot of people are saying it's blue... but seriously, who else sees purple instead?! 

(Try scrolling up and down a couple of times, or if you're on a laptop, tilt your screen up and down)

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What colours can you see on the Nike set? What about Marsaxlokk's Flag? What even is life? Let us know in the comments below.

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