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Maltese Teens Destroy Math O’Level Question With Hilarious Memes

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Maltese teens have shown the whole island that sometimes, the easiest thing to do in a shitty situation is laugh at it. 

After facing a challenging question in their O’level, the students all came out feeling a little confused by what they had just been asked, so they did what any child of the internet would do and meme’d the shit out of it.

The question read: “There is an angle of 32 degrees in an isosceles triangle and Mark says that the other two angles must always be 74 degrees. Is Mark right or wrong? Explain.” 

While the correct answer is that he is wrong (there could be a 32, 32, 116 triangle) the real winner of this question was the internet.

1. Of course, Mark ta’ Xarabank got the blame…

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2. And some old memes were resurrected just to fight MATSEC

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3. But all in all what really matters is that the community banded together in a weird way to deal with the heavy levels of panic that come with O’levels. 

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