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‘One Day, You Will Have To Pay Up’: Fuel Smuggling Suspect Calls Out Muscat For Double Standards

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Fuel smuggling suspect Gordon Debono has called out former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and former Chief of Staff Keith Schembri for double standards after a statement Muscat made yesterday.

In a Facebook post, Muscat came out strongly against the way charges are being issued in connection with the Vitals magisterial inquiry. It was reported yesterday that suspects identified in the inquiry had been criminally charged by means of a court summons – something Muscat equated to “being charged in court without being granted the basic right to give a statement in advance”.


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Debono, who has long faced accusations of fuel smuggling and money laundering, both in Malta and abroad, was referring to an attempt by the Maltese authorities to file for UN sanctions against him. In an injunction filed by Debono against the Maltese government to halt the sanctions, Debono had insisted that he was never informed about the Maltese investigation into his dealings.

Responding to the statement through his own Facebook post, Debono sarcastically asked Muscat whether he had forgotten how the Maltese courts, under the Muscat administration, had treated him and his family. In his post Debono accused Muscat “and ‘[his] buddy” of spreading false and defamatory reports about Debono that had emerged from an inquiry.

“What you have done, Mr Joseph Muscat, together with your buddy, and what you allowed others to do in your name, is all your responsibility,” Debono finished. “Rest assured that one day you and your buddy will have to pay up.”

What do you make of Debono’s reaction?

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