Outrage As 'Maltese Catholics' Run Full-Page Ad Against 'Unnatural' Gay Marriage

"Call the devil for what he truly is"

Gay Cover

A group calling themselves the 'Maltese Catholics' have thrown money at a full-page ad in today's print issue of MaltaToday's paper, and they've used the space to decry gay marriage as a plot seemingly by the devil himself.

The ad ticks all the boxes these letters usually do; "gay marriage is not natural", "we cherish our children" and "call the devil for what he truly is". 

They are also calling for people to not vote at all, as both the major parties PL and PN, as well as AD and PD are in favour of gay marriage and are therefore (apparently) "glorifying sin".

Full Ad

The full-page spread in all its glory.

But it seems many weren't happy with the arguments put forward, and took to social media to express their distaste, calling the ad an act of "bigotry".


Despite calling themselves 'Matlese Catholics', the group clearly doesn't speak for all who practice the faith. Some Maltese Catholics (by religion, not by organisation title) have also shot down the post.

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