PN And PL Billboards Around Malta Targeted By Rage-Filled Vandals

An anonymous group claimed responsibility for the "symbolic attack on this occupation"

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This year's general election campaign has been as short as it is intense, and many Maltese people have already been complaining about how billboards, posters, YouTube ads and dozens of other marketing strategies for the main political parties have been showing up literally everywhere. 

Last night, a group took most people's frustrations to the streets.

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Photo: Times of Malta

A number of PN and PL billboards and posters were sprayed over with the phrase 'PL PN QAŻŻISTU 'L ALLA', by a group describing themselves as Billboard Guerillas.

The group elaborated on last night's actions, saying they were "a symbolic attack on this occupation amidst a suffocating electoral campaign which is posing a challenge to the sanity of many." 

"Whilst every so often the colour of those in government changes, power remains in the hands of the same people who carry out the same kind of policies," the Billboard Guerillas continued. "They feed the fat cats and cheat on the rest. Clearly, they like to put on a show and accuse each other of corruption, but none of them is willing to change a system based on greed and ties between big business and politicians."

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Photo: Times of Malta

The Billboard Guerillas concluded by attacking the system of voting for parties in Malta, which they claimed has constantly been an issue of "the lesser of two evils in a hopelessly corrupt system."

"This is not what democracy is about. In a real democracy, those who have the power are the people, not an elite that changes colour but not substance."

Images from Times of Malta

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