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Malta Reacts To New Anti-IVF Song In Maltese

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Maltese singer Aleandro PT has caused a bit of a stir online after publishing a song titled ‘Iffriżajt’ (‘I Froze’). The song, written by George Cassar and produced by Marco Debono, tells the story of an embryo that’s been frozen… from the perspective of the embryo itself.

Aleandro’s song drew strong opinions from both sides of the discussion, and he respectfully replied to each one regardless of whether they agreed with him or not. Placing 79th of some 130 entries for this year’s Għanja tal-Poplu, Iffriżajt did not make it to the competition, but Aleandro wanted his message shared regardless.

Here’s how Malta reacted.

Some were quite passionately against the whole song


And they asked for clarification on some details

Some even pointed out that this was extremely painful for people struggling to become parents

On the other hand, some were very happy to see this idea translated into song

This person was so moved they wanted to sing a duet

Others were moved by a singer taking the time to speak in favour of an issue close to their hearts

And these new fans just wanted to congratulate him

But for or against, the facts should always come first

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