Five Conspiracy Theories To Explain Yesterday's Hijacking

Time to feed our addiction to fake news

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If there's something the Maltese love, it's drama. So while everybody breathed a sigh of relief when yesterday's hijacking came to a peaceful end, some of us were left wanting. There must have been more to this hijack than just two dudes wanting to wave a green flag. So the national conspiracy theories began. And since nowadays we all love a spot of fake news, we thought we'd gather the most common conspiracy theories for us all to enjoy in a convenient manner. 

1. A high-budget teaser campaign for the film Entebbe

How else do you get all the mainstream media to promote your film? Yep, according to some conspiracy theorists, the hijack was all a ploy to let people know about Entebbe, a film about another plane hijacking that was being shot at Malta International Airport when yesterday's hijack took place. Let's put it this way, if anyone had the budget for a fake hijacking stunt, it's Hollywood.

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2. Free advertising to give Air Malta a lifeline

If you believe there is no such thing as bad advertising, this one's for you. What better way to show of December's gorgeous weather in Malta than by getting the entire world's attention and then sneakily wheeling in a gangway carrying Air Malta's gorgeous logo? A great way of boosting some traffic during a financially distressing time for the airline. Things you do when you can't give state aid. 

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3. An opportunity for Joseph Muscat to look anti-establishment

Nobody watched yesterday's press conference without thinking: What the hell is Joseph Muscat wearing? But while most people would just brush it off as a poor fashion choice, the conspiracy theorists know only too well that it's actually just his way of showing the world how anti-establishment he is. Who needs the Greek tie-less political party Syriza when you have JM? Perfect timing just before he takes on the EU Presidency too. Either that, or he really was just about to sit down for Christmas lunch when he got the call.

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4. An excuse to wheel Keith Schembri back in

After all the speculation about the health of Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, this was a perfect way for the Prime Minister to prove his point that his right hand man is "alive and kicking". And to put the other conspiracy theory to bed, they had him accompanied by Transport Malta chief James Piscopo, who was touted by PN media to be in line for his job. That's two conspiracy theories solved for the price of one. 

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5. A stunt to show Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi knows what he's doing

After all the criticism the government received for speed-promoting a number of AFM soldiers, including the Commander himself Jeffrey Curmi, there had to be some sort of big event to prove his mettle. What better than a dramatic hijacking in which - as they stressed - Brigadier Curmi was the chief negotiator who managed to get the culprits to surrender? Respect earned.

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BONUS: A feel-good Christmas miracle organised by Bishop Charles Scicluna

He may look like a cuddly teddy bear, but Malta's Archbishop is really a media savvy strategist who knows what today's doubting faithful need to really pack the churches in at Christmas: a good old miracle by the power of prayer. Always keeping us guessing Bishop CJ. 

Heard any better conspiracy theories? Or maybe you've made one up yourself? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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