The Most Heated Debate In The Salott This Month Involves A Hairbrush

When an 'OK' is loaded with subtext

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The Salott is home to around 35,000 Facebook users, each navigating their way through the complexities of Maltese life. It's a forum aimed at providing answers for things like where to buy obscure shit you need, to some of the tougher, socio-political quandaries related to living in our country. 

A recent post involving a bus, a hairbrush, and a near panic-attack, had Salott users flocking to give their two cents on the matter. Some thought this was a legit problem, whilst others thought it was somewhat blown out of proportion.


The original poster may or may not have been prepare for the explosion of reactions – some cordial, most... not-so-cordial. Here's how we would categorise the reactions:

1. Are you actually kidding?

No, really, is it a joke post?

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2. OMG you're such a racist

It's always a good idea to really read into things.

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3. All the other countries are doing it!

Translation: I'm so much more evolved than you because I've been on holiday a lot.

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4. It's really hard to argue 'ethical' dilemmas

Apparently autocorrect failed the original poster... twice.

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5. Asian hair is so nice though...

Strong point.

Salient Point
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Although the debate remains largely open-ended, one commenter was not afraid to get right to the heart of the matter. 

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Do you think this ethical debate will ever be solved? Tell us how in the comments section on Facebook! 

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