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Thousands Flood Social Media To Support Jake Vella, Including His Biggest Heroes

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After sharing Jake Vella’s heartwarming story with our readers, thousands of people reached out to show their support and willingness to help. 

As it stands, our video telling Jake’s story has been shared over 12,000 times, with so many beautiful comments reminding us there’s a lot of good in this world.

Everyone was quickly on #TeamJake

And those who knew his family warmed our hearts with their stories

Some big names reached out to show their support… and even offered to help in any way possible

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And not only did it attract the attention of Joe Morgan from 2012 and 2014’s TeamGB…

… but it also already reached the Brownlee brothers, who are Jack’s biggest inspiration!

The reaction has been overwhelming and both our page and Jake’s family have received endless offers and support. We’re currently in the process of sorting through all the public’s generous offers and look forward to keeping you posted on what’s to come.

Since the video went live, we’ve been in contact with the Brownlee Brothers to try and make Jake’s dream come true.

Keep sharing Jake’s story to raise awareness on his condition.

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