Times Of Malta Journalists Bid Farewell To Their Valletta Home

The team is Mrieħel bound

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After over eight decades working from Valletta, the Times of Malta newsroom has moved out of their old offices to their new space in Mrieħel. From the reactions that flooded social media it seems that many had mixed feelings about their offices, but one thing is certain, it sure seems like a memorable space.

1. Lots of journalists are getting nostalgic about their days there 

It wasn't all rainbows and sunshine, but it seems the old building will, generally, be missed.

2. While some ex-journalists were glad they left before seeing the end of the Valletta days

3. But those missing Mabel needn't worry about her

4. Although distinct levels of 'creepy' seep through all the nostalgia

5. No matter how you slice it, some people are just not ready for the move

6. But as always, its best to handle the whole thing with a dose of humour.

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