Tributes Pour In For 30-Year-Old Woman Who Died Tragically In Gżira

She was hit by a 600 horsepower sports car which left metres-long skid marks

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At 7:40pm last night, a 30-year-old woman lost her life in Gżira's Triq ix-Xatt. The woman, Stephanie Rapa, was hit by a Nissan GT-R driven by a 40-year-old man from Swieqi. 

Soon after the news broke, tributes poured in for Rapa, a pharmacist from Żurrieq. At the same time, the inevitable argument of safety on Malta's roads quickly resurfaced. 

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The Malta Pharmaceutical Students' Association published a statement this morning remembering Rapa, thanking her for her "love and energy to the profession". Other people quickly followed suit, remarking on the tragic circumstances of Thursday's incident.

Other people took the opportunity to comment on the situation that lead up to this happening, with some photos from the scene raising some worrying questions.

"Note the braking distance designated by the length of the skid marks. Absolutely disgusting," one man commented. Soon, a petition calling for stricter enforcement of traffic laws was launched, with others commenting that "this is what happens when you live in a lawless country". 

"That car is known as Godzilla amongst car fanatics," one man told Lovin Malta. "You're looking at an easy 500, 600 horsepowers. It's also a 4-wheel drive car, so it wouldn't have left such long marks, and with ABS, it would've left pulsated brake marks, not such long and consistent marks."

Even though some people said they reportedly knew eyewitnesses who claimed the driver was "showing off" and "driving up and down the road at over 100km/hr", there is no official confirmation yet. 

"While I agree that the skid marks seem a bit off for such a car with those big brake calibers and wheels, we cannot blatantly assume he was being reckless because he was driving a sports car," one user said. 

As The Malta Police Force reported on Thursday night, a Magisterial Inquiry has been appointed into the case and investigations are still ongoing.

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