Viral Social Media Outrage Gets Glenn Bedingfield To Remove 'Sexist' Post

Another unacceptable blog entry

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Glenn Bedingfield has removed a blog post berating PN Executive President Ann Fenech for having armpit hair following social media outrage. One particular post by Martina Farrugia rallied thousands of supporters as it slammed the article, explaining that "feminism isn't just about childcare and tax incentives. Its grass roots are founded in respect for women as equals".

The post by the Labour candidate and aide to the Prime Minister was titled "Warning: This article may contain flash photography".

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The offending blog post read: "Maaa those armpits! Isn’t this supposed to be the elitist party, the petite bourgeoisie, the crème de la crème of the PN, oh no sorry the PN/PD coalition!

And out of all people Dr Ann Fenech, the PN Executive President, the one who ought to tone down her lipstick tones, let alone flashing her unshaven armpits! How incredibly chic."

It was met with online outrage, as many expressed their dismay that such comments were even written, let alone by a person employed in the office of the Prime Minister. Farrugia, who has three brothers, "noticed the double standard [very] quickly" and was frustrated that we still live in a time where "the biggest maritime legal brain [is berated] for daring to have armpit hair on display".

But she wasn't the only one concerned with the content of Bedingfield's post.

Hundreds of shares and 'angry reacts' later, the post has now disappeared entirely. Glenn hasn't apologised or addressed the issue yet, the page is simply vacant. 

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This is not the first time Bedingfield has found himself in hot water over an insensitive post. Last February Lovin Malta called him out for his homophobic undertones in a post targeting Simon Busuttil's sexuality. "Pastizz jew sausage roll? Kristina tkun taf. Imma jien naħseb li sausage roll iħobb."

Unlike the post about Dr Fenech's armpits, the post about sausage rolls is still live, with Glenn even going so far as to claim people's reactions were a heterophobic (how is this a thing?) attack. "Allura dan jikkostitwixxi attakk faħxi fuq eterosesswali? Boqq."

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